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The kanthas (or quilts) made by layering old sareesand embellished by Muslim women are the inspiration behind modern day Kantha embroidery. The Abakash label used types of run stitches to adorn sarees, scarves, bags, boxes and even diaries.

The Khesh weaving by using new yarn for the warp and old sarees torn into strips for the weft have been a long standing tradition in Birbhum. The Abakash label just used this technique – traditionally restricted to bed covers to fashion sarees and dress fabric.

Ever since Tagore introduced Batik to Santiniketan by indonesian masters, the craft has flourished in the area. The Abakash label specialises in free hand Batik to adorn sarees, scarves, dupattas as well as bedcovers and napkins.

By using traditional forms of tie dye resist, the Abakash label draws inspiration from nature to create scarves, clothes and linen.

Leather accessories are one of the things that Santiniketan is famous for. The Abakash label works with leather, but instead of the traditional embossed designs, it combines leather with fabrics like silk or khesh.

By following a simple criteria of no machine and no polish, the Abakash label fashions trays, hooks, mirrors and even the occassional furniture.


The Alcha store set up in Santiniketan in 2004 opened for the last time in June 2020. Primarily because retail business was uncertain in the times of Covid but also because having run it for 17 years there was some amount of fatigue that had set in.
However, the design of Alcha products continues at our studio in Santiniketan and production continues in the suburbs of Bolpur and villages around where all the artisans live. We are now supplying to many of the premium craft shops across India. Also, as a token of appreciation and thanks to our loyal customers over the years Alcha products will continue to be available to them.
There is a change, however, in the process of shopping. You will have to call on 9830412044 or 8373060755 for an appointment at the studio. Those familiar with our products can also be sent photos on WhatsApp from which they can choose.

We courier across India.

About Us

A range of different craft styles, a plethora of talented artisans, and lush greenery all around - Shantiniketan easily inspired. From colourful seeds which tribal women fashion into jewelry, to fine embroidery on luxurious silks.

Here craftsmen could bring out the best in just about any material.And we couldn't resist, we had to explore. With an aim to see a manifestation of our design aesthetic in these age-old crafts, the Abakash label was born in 2004. Hand-crafted from materials that are locally available, we try to tweak existing processes and bring about

design innovation - in an endeavour to delight with each product.

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